UFO: All things Extra-terrestrial of Every Kind

Greeting UFO Fans, welcome to my first-time blog page that explores anything and everything to do with UFO discoveries. I’ve been fascinated and enthralled by the idea of space, time travel and aliens since I was a little kid growing up in Otago in New Zealand. Otago is one of New Zealand’s largest hot spot for UFO sittings, accounting for 11% of all the countries files cases on extra-terrestrial activity.

UFOs and I

Have I seen flashing lights travelling at ridiculous speeds with my own eyes? Have I seen unexplainable objects shifting directions and vanishing in front of me? No, I have not yet seen this for myself, but I firmly believe the evidence that has been presented and through this site and my posts on UFOs, I shall be discussing the facts from what evidence has been around since as far back as 1920’’s and even highlighted in ancient painting and literature that alludes to out of this world vessels.

In New Zealand we have a defence force, civil aviation and a ministry of defence; it’s no secret in our country that cases have been filed, we have a fairly open government here that is willing to discuss and share with the NZ people what eligible cases there are.

I will be sharing with you a number of these cases and witness reports along with footage and photographic evidence of UFO sightings.

For a long time, I’ve posed the question that if UFOs didn’t exist, then why do their stories still keep on appearing. If governments around the world were so keen to dismiss them as conspiracy, then how come we have more evidence to suggest the existence rather than evidence to dismiss it.

You can say weather balloons, swap gas, satellites and drones, but not one comparable piece of evidence has been produced to debunk any claim that clearly shows that on this night, at this time Mr. Bukes claimed to have seen 3 UFOs when it was, in fact, this footage of such and such.

Until that transparency is made to all, then an Unidentified Flying Object will remain such that.

My UFO Blog

Now, I’m no pro when it comes to UFOs, I have not seen one, but I can only imagine that if doing so, it must be alarming and perplexing to witness something that is not familiar to all human recognition. I think if I was to see one, I would quit work and start seeing life in an entirely different light.

My blog will touch upon all things UFO related. Even looking at clear fakes, clear hard evidence and released police reports and your own personal evidence which you can send to me directly to post up online and share with the world.

Through my posts you will come across discussion on the following:

  • Area 51 experiments and Bob Lazar
  • The confirmation of the tic tac UFO
  • The O’Hare International Airport case from 2006
  • Stephenville Sightings from 2008
  • Antarctic cover-up
  • UFO Movies, TV and games